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    歌名Common Pleasure 歌手名 Jason Mraz

    作詞 Jason Mraz
    作曲 Jason Mraz


    I remember when we used to walk together Used to talk together, go to the park together In all kinds of weather we would share This common pleasure with most of human kinds It was a kind of treasure One that I was surely glad to find But I got one right here and I'm okay I'm okay, and you're okay, and we're okay I'm alright. Everything else is allright sometimes. Just remember those bones they get broken And love is not a token of affection It's not even a real thing, it's a word So don't you try to but it out with a ring Cause it's a verb, to love someone Open up and let them in just don't be afraid to set them free again This aint no heaven, aint no hell , aint no in between Cause there's just too many faces and places in this world That I aint ever seen I'm gonna keep on keeping on I'm gonna reap on being strong I got my head on, though misconnected It's alright cause I do it protected I got a day job. I drive a cheap ride Sounds like I'm gonna fine You only get one life to learn There's only so many brain cells that you can burn And life can take a turn and take away that you've earned And leave you yearning for more, so much more Life is gonna leave you yearning for more, more, more Your stomach's gonna be churning Wanting more, you're wanting, wanting some more. You're wanting some more, more, more Do you want some? Well I got some right here and I'm okay I'm okay and you're okay Ha ha, we're okay Everything else will be fine sometimes. Guess what I'm doing okay.