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    R.O.O.T.S. 專輯封面

    歌名Touch Me 歌手名 Flo Rida

    作詞 Array
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    Heyy I like it when ya telling me to keep in touch All over ya body rub it like good luck Mama stand up shawty keep ya doin to much Hands all over me can unleash that strut Hand over the apology the freeks don't fuss Wit sound quality it's going down pretty ruff Brand new wit it all about that rush Keep tellin me to feel it and it's just my luck Ima help you make that movie Get on my job coz I like my doody Get involved I don't mind the groupies Shear dog and lemme snoopie Round of apaluse make it clap like an uzi Make a paused on the cue like Suzi Set it off to the groofy Lil mama she called I hear her I let her say Touch me X 16 Yeah Mimic that talk Now mimic that walk Gotta thing for my dollars and it's all my fault Let me signal that hand and break you off Yeah tell her I said got a whole lot of broads You can go hard shawty you can grab us that hat Lemme throw lyrics at the wall Lemme rump at it Jump at it Hump it at the cost Mimic that rhyme get Wynter to give a call Yeah I'm right get it on right when yall ready Hold it down for the figure yeah cmon lady You invited to the shroom party gotta fetish You decided where I groom hair ready baby All out to the spot pockets on fready I understand I do it big for the guap baby When the mama feelin hot take here to the telly I want my girls like my girls with the sell you right. Yeah I like your sexy I want you next to me Lets leave a legacy Got me feellin like escasty And a lil bit of jelously It's some bout your melody Right here I canopy Shawty that's definalty a felinly Oh I need to touch it that's cool I spend my paper on you And pick u up in my coupe' And make it do what it do Shawty don't get it confused You show em we can get loose All out I'm breakin that rules Go hard I like when you say...


    專輯名 R.O.O.T.S.
    歌手名 Flo Rida
    發行日 2009-03-13