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    Tonight I'm Yours [Expanded Edition] 專輯封面

    歌名Hot Legs [Live - San Diego 11/5/84] 歌手名 Rod Stewart


    專輯:今夜屬於你 (Tonight I'm Yours - Expanded Edition) 歌曲:Hot Legs (Live - San Diego 11 / 5 / 84) 作曲:ROD STEWART Who's that knocking on my door It's gotta be a quarter to four Is it you again coming 'round for more Well you can love me tonight if you want But in the morning make sure you're gone I'm talkin' to you Hot legs wearing me out Hot legs you can scream and shout Hot legs are you still in school I love you honey Gotta most persuasive tongue You promise all kinds of fun But what you don't understand I'm a working man Gonna need a shot of vitamin E By the time you're finished with me I'm talking to you Hot legs Hot legs Hot legs...