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    Rod Stewart / Every Beat Of My Heart [Expanded Edition] 專輯封面

    歌名Red Hot In Black [Alternate Mix] 歌手名 Rod Stewart


    專輯:Rod Stewart / Every Beat Of My Heart (Expanded Edition) 歌曲:Red Hot In Black (Alternate Mix) I met her in a little French cafe Legs like a young giraffe She was sitting reading Baudelaire Not exactly working class She had a studio in St. Michel Crucifix around her waist Che Guevara all over the wall She can't stand the sun on her face Hey boys what a look Stop a train at fifty feet Matching hair matching clothes and eyes Kinda like a tiger in heat Red hot in black Red hot in black Revolution running through her veins A radical from head to toe The only record that she ever played Was just like a rolling stone We started talking by the candlelight Her lips get closer to mine We started dancing all around the room Helped by a bottle of wine Hey boys mystery Didn't even know her name One night in Paris with a girl like that Never going home again Red hot in black Red hot in black Oh my when I woke up She'd already gone out to her work My head was aching and my back was scratched I've never never never known a night like that Took a walk along the avenue So in love and so confused My plane was leaving in half an hour What would you have done in my shoes Hey boys so you see Couldn't get her outa my head My regards to the folks back home Gonna spend some time with red Red hot in black Red hot in black