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    A Spanner In The Works [Expanded Edition] 專輯封面

    歌名The Downtown Lights 歌手名 Rod Stewart


    專輯:A Spanner In The Works (Expanded Edition) 歌曲:The Downtown Lights Sometimes I walk away When all I really wanna do Is love and hold you right There is just one thing I can say It's all right can't you see The downtown lights In love we're all the same We're walking down an empty street And with nobody callin' your name Empty streets empty nights The downtown lights How do I know you feel it How do I know you feel it How do I know you feel it How do I know it's true Can't you see Nobody loves you this way It's all right Tonight and every night Let's go walking down the city streets Let's walk in the cool evening light Wrong or right the endless sight The downtown lights It will be all right It will be all right The downtown lights Yeah yeah yeah (*Repeat) Yeah yeah yeah Downtown lights The neons and the cigarettes The rented rooms and rented cars The crowded streets the empty bars Chimneytops trumpets The golden lights the loving prayers Colored shoes the empty trains I'm tired of cryin' on the stairs Downtown lights It'll be all right It'll be all right