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    When We Were The New Boys [Expanded Edition] 專輯封面

    歌名When We Were The New Boys 歌手名 Rod Stewart


    With laughing eyes I do recall Every face that crammed this hall And in this room our hats were hung And words were written, and songs were sung And we held our glasses high And we dared to reach for the sky And we never would grow old When we were the new boys And on these streets we were like kings We'd roll and tumble, fight and sing And in these smoky pubs the yarns were spun And many a sweetheart was lost and won And on these green fields we played for pride No quarter given no compromise We were lovers and we were sons When we were the new boys Behind this cellar doors on cheap guitars We played our blues to the early hours No one listening but a few old friends We never dreamed it could ever end This was our moment this was our space This was a jewel of a time to have graced But they're all sweet memories now When we were the new boys All my life I've been running Down the side of this hill But way down deep in my heart Don't want the water to ever be still All these friends have long since gone Blown and scattered like autumn leaves Some are lawyers and some are thieves Some are now behind the sun But I'll never never be afraid From the cradle to the grave I learned my lesson and I learned it well When we were the new boys When we were the new boys