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    Unplugged....And Seated MTV傳真 - 現場原音演唱會專輯 專輯封面

    歌名Cut Across Shorty [Live Unplugged Version] 歌手名 Rod Stewart


    專輯:MTV 傳真 - 現場原音演唱會 (Unplugged... And Seated) 歌曲:Cut Across Shorty Now a country boy named Shorty and a city boy named Dan had to prove who could run the fastest to wed Miss Lucy's hand Now Dan had all the money and he also had the looks But Shorty musta had that something boys that can't be found in books Chorus: "Cut across Shorty, Shorty, cut across" That's what Miss Lucy said "Cut across Shorty, Shorty, cut across You know it's you that I wanna wed" Wait a minute Now Dan had been in training about a week before the race He made up his mind old Shorty would end in second place You know Dan with his long legs flying he left Shorty far behind Shorty heard him holler out Miss Lucy that you'll soon be mine (Chorus) But Shorty wasn't worried There was a smile upon his face 'Cause old Lucy had fixed the race And just like that old story about the turtle and the hare, you know that thing when Danny crossed over the finish line he found Shorty waiting there (Chorus) It's you that I wanna wed, no no And oh Lord it's you I wanna wed It's you that I wanna wed