Goin' Down To Mexico

Goin' Down To Mexico

ZZ Top



La Grange

La Grange

The Very Baddest Of ZZ Top



I was on my way down to mexico, There was trouble on the rise. It was nothing more than I'd left behind, Which Was Much To My Surprise. I turned around and lit a cigarette Wiped the dust off of my boots. When up ahead I saw the crowd, I knew it was no use. I'ts been the same way for oh so long, It looks like I'm singing the same old song. A fine and fancy man was he, Doing good things for the poor. Givin' rides in his rockin' eighty-eight for free. They could not hope for more. When it came my turn he said to me, have I seen your face before? I said, oh no, you must be wrong, I'm from a distant shore. So if you don't mind, I'll just move along But it looks like I'm singin' the same old song. A nineteen forty movie star With a long forgotten name. She was a sexy mess in her pleated dress, Still hangin' on to fame. With forgotten lines she missed her cue And left a glass of wine at home. She was singin' the same song that I was. Could we both be wrong? So hand in hand we walked along, Each of us singin' the same old song.
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