Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing

Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing

Buffalo Springfield

作詞 Neil Young

作曲 Neil Young



作詞:Neil Young / 作曲:Neil Young Who's that stomping all over my face Where's that silhouette I'm trying to trace Who's putting sponge in the bells I once rung And taking my gypsy before she's begun To singing in the meaning of what's in my mind Before I can take home what's rightfully mine Joinin' and listenin' and talkin' in rhymes Stoppin' the feeling to wait for the times Who's saying baby that don't mean a thing 'Cause nowadays Clancy can't even sing And who's all hung-up on that happiness thing Who's trying to tune all the bells that he rings And who's in the corner and down on the floor With pencil and paper just counting the score Who's trying to act like he's just in between The line isn't black if you know that it's green Don't bother looking you're too blind to see Who's coming on like he wanted to be And who's coming home on the old nine-to-five Who's got the feeling that he came alive Though havin' it sharin' it ain't quite the same It ain't no gold nugget you can't lay a claim Who's seeing eyes through the crack in the floor There it is baby don't you worry no more Who should be sleepin' but is writing this song Wishin' and a-hopin' he weren't so damned wrong



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