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    Ultimate 專輯封面

    歌名Thieves In The Temple [Remix Version] 歌手名 Prince


    CHORUS: Love - come quick Love - come in a hurry There are thieves in the temple 2night They don't care where they kick Just as long as they hurt U There are thieves in the temple 2night Love - if U're there come save me From all this cold despair I can hang when U're around But I'll surely die if U're not there CHORUS I feel like they're looking 4 my soul (Soul) Like a poor man looking for gold (Gold) There are thieves in the temple 2night Voices from the sky say rely on your best friend 2 pull U through But even if I wanted 2 I couldn't really truly cuz my only friend is U Come on There are thieves in the temple 2night Kicking me in my heart Tearing me all apart (Tearing me, tearing me, tearing me all apart) Cuz me and U could have been a work of art Thieves in the temple Baby, don't U know I'm holding on the best that I can Love - please help me be the better man Better than the thieves in the temple, in the temple 2night Oh, thieves in the temple (2night) 2night Hurt me CHORUS (Thieves in the temple) {x4} U said U loved me! U said I was your baby! U was supposed 2 take care of me! (Love - come quick) U lied! (Love - come in a hurry) Lied! Lied! Thieves in the temple 2night Lied!


    專輯名 Ultimate
    歌手名 Prince
    發行日 2006-03-14