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    Tonight I'm Yours 專輯封面

    歌名Only A Boy 歌手名 Rod Stewart



    專輯:今夜屬於你 (Tonight I'm Yours - Expanded Edition) 歌曲:Only A Boy Stewart boy you'll never be much 'cause you're too busy acting the fool Thank you Sir for them few kind words on my last day of school Oh but my mama said I could be a success if I'd only get myself out of bed Words of wisdom but I wasn't list'ning I had plans in my head Only a boy trying it on coming on strong restless to roam only a boy silly and proud reckless and loud impressing the crowd only a boy Rock'n' Roll was in my brain Eddie Cochrane running through my brain Skin tight trousers in council houses the unemployment exchange The blues I played were Mississippi made and ev'ry Friday night I'd fall in love Football fields and teenage pills nothing's enough Only a boy dressing to kill passion to spill hand in the till Only a boy slipping it in thin as a pin chasing a dream only a boy only a boy Oh and them dukes of freedom I used to believe them and all their rebelious vows The critics the cynics who never understood it where are they now And all the wondering and the stumbling that goes hand in hand with change The yearning the earning was it all part of learning or am I still the same Only a boy laughing aloud quick as a shot nobody can stop Only a boy plans of his own leaving his home knows where he's going only a boy only a boy only a boy only a boy ha ha oh


    專輯名 Tonight I'm Yours
    歌手名 Rod Stewart
    發行日 2008-11-17