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    Tonight I'm Yours 專輯封面

    歌名Jealous 歌手名 Rod Stewart



    專輯:今夜屬於你 (Tonight I'm Yours - Expanded Edition) 歌曲:Jealous Where was you last night And the night before You've got his number implanted in your brain he's been calling you putting on a stupid name I don't own you honey but give me some respect ev'ryone's laughin' laughin' behind my back yeah and I'm jealous yes I'm jealous You're so cold baby it ain't like it used to be I'm suspicious you're acting so deviously secret phone calls when you think I'm not around you've been seen with him all over town yeah and I'm jealous when you look at someone else I'm so jealous I want you all to myself I'm jealous babe I'm so jealous Now does he buy you ruby rings and perfumes from abroad does he hypnotise you with things I can't afford does he drive a Cadillac is he white or is he black What's he got that I ain't got is he really that big You bet your life I'm jealous babe yeah You've been seen wit him all over town baby Yes I'm jealous goddam' jealous You've been to Angelo's for a quiet dinner for two then to Shakey Jake's where you danced until two then to his place where I know you spent the night got my spies girl and they're all jealous Did he really blow your mind did he alway treat you kind does he kiss you like I do did he crawl all over you did he have you on the floor were you screaming out for more is he better than I am are you seeing him again I'm so jealous when you look at someone else I'm so jealous want you all myself I'm so jealous it's tearing me apart I'm so jealous it's ripping out my heart I'm so jealous I'm so jealous yes I'm so jealous babe I told you once before I'm eatin' out my heart baby You make me so weak honey


    專輯名 Tonight I'm Yours
    歌手名 Rod Stewart
    發行日 2008-11-17