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    Blondes Have More Fun 專輯封面

    歌名Ain't Love A Bitch 歌手名 Rod Stewart



    You book the hotel I'll pack the bags honey You phone the airlines I'll call a cab When will you return well that all depends Just tell your mother that you're staying with friends Cuz I know that you're my best friend's girl But it's the weekend I don't give a hell I'll bring the red wine you bring the ludes Your mother's doctor must be quite a dude We'll hang the 'Don't Disturb' outside our door I'm gonna rock you till your pussy's sore Oh my sweet Diana I can't wait for the manana There's a hotel down in Mexico just made for two But I don't think you trust me and I can't say I blame you My reputation precedes me you ain't never gonna leave me Soon as we get there I'll go check in Mr and Mrs Smith of Abilene You get naked honey I'll get down I'm gonna chase you around and 'round and 'round and 'round You say you can't stand monotony I say what happened to fidelity Dirty weekend made for two Just me and you honey I wanna love that can last for ages not the trash you've been giving to strangers Don't want to make your two big brothers brothers annoyed Do you think you'll get the polaroid?


    專輯名 Blondes Have More Fun
    歌手名 Rod Stewart
    發行日 1978-11-24