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    Blondes Have More Fun 專輯封面

    歌名Scarred And Scared 歌手名 Rod Stewart



    Started out like any one of you Good intentions and a degree But one hot night under the neon lights Killed a boy just seventeen Now I sit here rainin' on my Maker Reprieve is all I'm praying for Lord I fear the hangman's steps approachin' Will the priest knock gently on my door And I know I've let my daddy down and I broke my mother's heart I'd give anything turn back time again Just give me one more start I don't need no trial humiliation Just tell me that I'm heaven bound I don't want no two faced consolation What use is that to me six feet underground I'm going down to the engine shed Put a gun up to my head Blow myself into the promised land We call it scarred and scared And if you ever see my son again Don't let on just how I fared Tell him, tell him I went down big and strong I was never, never, never scarred or scared All the girls that once did gather 'round me have moved along to someone else Sitting here desperation is my close friend What I'd give to kiss one of them now Oo yeah I'll take you there I'll take ya there


    專輯名 Blondes Have More Fun
    歌手名 Rod Stewart
    發行日 1978-11-24