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    My Love Is Your Love / I Look To You 專輯封面

    歌名I Was Made To Love Him 歌手名 Whitney Houston

    作詞 H. Cosby; L. Hardaway; S. Moy; S. Wonder; Lauryn Hill; Whitney Houston
    作曲 H. COSBY、S. Wonder、S. Moy、L. Hardaway
    編曲 Lauryn Hill、Whitney Houston


    Hey oh hey hey hey See i was born in newark (sure was) We were always hand in hand He wore high top shoes and shirt tales Nip wore her pigtails I knew i loved him even then You know some disapproved it They even boo-hooed it But i told them time and time and time again You know i was made to love him Build my world around him and Hey hey hey He's been my inspiration Sho' nuff appeciation For the love i gave him through the years Like a sweet magnolia trea My love blossomed tenderly My love grew sweeter through the years I know my baby loves me My baby needs me That's why we made it through the years I was made to love him Worship and adore him yes say Hey hey hey Hey oh lord All through thick and thin Our love just won't end But i love my baby love my baby oh My baby loves me My baby needs me I know i ain't going nowhere I was just a little thing The love bug hit me I had the fever with each passing year If all should tumble And the whole world crumble By his side i'll still be standing yeah 'cause i was made to love him Made meant for him say Hey hey hey I was made to love him Build my world all around him say Hey hey hey I love my baby Nip aint' going nowhere Say hey hey hey {ad lib until fade}