What's A Man To Do

What's A Man To Do


Here I Stand










J. Austin;Mikkel S. Eriksen;T.E. Hermansen


Mikkel S. Eriksen、J. Austin、T.E. Hermansen

Listen 聽著 I'd be a liar if I told you 如果我告訴你我沒發現這件事情 That I didn't see it coming 那我一定是在說謊 Be more of a liar if I said 如果我告訴你 Hey I didn't want it to be something 我不希望這件事發生 You deserve much better 你值得更好的對待,那我一定是在說謊 For the love that you have shared 在你付出這麼多愛之後 I know you won't believe it 我明白你不會相信我 But girl I swear 但女孩,我發誓 That I got love for you 我曾經愛過你 Big love for you 深深的愛過你 Even when I'm tripping 就算我遇上困難阻礙 The fact remains that 有個事實仍然不會改變 You will always be my baby 那就是,你永遠是我的寶貝 My baby 我的至愛 But take the truth 但要接受這個事實 Baby take the truth 寶貝,接受這個事實吧 I can't hide my feelings 我無法隱藏自己的真實情感 Especially when the whole world can see 特別是當整個世界都已經明白我的感受 That my heart is in two different places 我的心被撕裂 I got you in my life and I wanna do right 我擁有你,我希望把生活導入正軌 But it's hard to let it go 但要放手真的很困難 When my love has two different faces 我的愛情有兩種面貌 And I can't pretense cause they both look right 我無法掩飾,因為它們看起來都同樣美好 Someone tell me what's a man to do 有人告訴我 When he's loving two 當一個男人同時愛上兩個女人時,他該怎麼做 And he don't wanna lie 他不想說謊 But he can't tell the truth 但真相卻說不出口 What's a man to do 當一個男人同時愛上兩個女人時 When he's loving two 他該怎麼做 But he can't keep his heart 他無法讓自己的心 In two different places 分隔兩地 In two different places 分隔兩地 I know you feel it cause you stay 我知道你感覺到了 There is much more to this story 但這個故事不僅止於此 But I'd be a fool to say 如果我說我相信她 I trust her and I'm always gonna love her 而且會永遠愛她,那我一定是個傻蛋 You know that you don't wanna hear 你知道你不想聽到這種話 I been living on the edge baby 我面臨崩潰邊緣 So I guess yea baby 我想 She ain't nothing but she is real 她並非什麼都不是,她真實存在著 But why take her through it 但是,為何當我仍深愛著妳時 When I still got love for you 我會愛上她 I wanna tell you it's over 我想告訴妳,這一切都結束了 That I ain't thinking of her 我不會再想念她 I wanna really mean it 我由衷的希望 That I want you to see it 你能看見我的努力 That I'm really trying to leave her behind 我真的嘗試要擺脫她的倩影 And I'm trying not to make you cry 我盡一切努力不讓妳流淚 I wanna tell you that 我想告訴妳 I ain't playing games and I'm dedicated to receive a change 我不是在玩愛情遊戲,我需要改變 But when I look in the mirror 但當我望向鏡子裡 It's the same old me 我仍是我,從未改變
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