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    Love Me Back 專輯封面

    歌名Famous 歌手名 Jazmine Sullivan

    作詞 Jazmine Sullivan、Ernest Wilson、David Ewing、Kevin Randolph
    作曲 David Ewing、Ernest Wilson、Jazmine Sullivan、Kevin Randolph


    I used to dream about cars and things. Bout being a star and things. I thought that I would outgrow this feening. My dream won't go away. It's more like a nightmare. Keepin me up all night, Like a nightmare. It's taking over my mind. My desire burns inside like a flame And it can't and it won't be contained. Cause I gotta be famous I need to be somebody No one wants to be invisible Everyone just wants to be seen. I know one thing is so irresistible Cause we all need a reason to be. So I wanna matter. To the world. To a girl. Watching me on tv. Watching me and I want her to wanna be me. To be me and I wanna be her dream. Be hear dream. So I gotta be famous. I gotta be somebody. So I gotta be famous. I gotta be somebody. And I'll do anything to get where you are. I'll do anything to reach the stars. You don't want what you have, But I want it so bad. You say it aint fair but what aint fair is no one cares if you aint famous. You aint famous. Oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh. Oh oh oh. So I gotta be famous. I gotta be somebody. Cause I gotta be famous. I need to be somebody.