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    All I Want Is You 唯一 專輯封面

    歌名Quickie 歌手名 Miguel

    作詞 Miguel Pimentel、Mac Robinson、Brian Warfield
    作曲 Brian Warfield、Mac Robinson、Miguel Pimentel


    Mami you looking like I'm just another guy That came to check it That came to reck it No disrespect but Mami that's correct cause what's in them jeans just got my mind hectic I can see that your feeling my passion Is it cause I'm flashing Or is it this cash that's just way to reckless Or is it this necklace Wait let me interrupt myself with this smash you see I don't wanna be loved I don't wanna be loved I just wanna quickie No bite marks no scratches and no hickeys If you can get with that mami come get with me I don't wanna be loved I don't wanna be loved I just wanna quick fix Up in your mix miss Send me you wish-list I'll have you addicted So mami come hit this Mami I realize that I'll manage ta' speak a language of love like Spanish "Godo vageele" I'm so obscene and know what I mean and Yeah sorry that was Portuguese And I speak with ease Please, get on them knees I gotta penny for your thoughts If you know what I mean Don't be offended babe By what I say It's just a game And how I play Pillagent blender Call me ya plan ma Knock on this wood Get rocked by this thunder