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    All I Want Is You 唯一 專輯封面

    歌名Hard Way 歌手名 Miguel

    作詞 Salaam Remi、Miguel Pimentel
    作曲 Miguel Pimentel、Salaam Remi
    編曲 Salaam Remi


    I test the guilt in your eyes as your lips begin to lie And it kills me everytime But I always learn the hard way just be cool, be kind dont be dumb dont be blind its the sweet thats in your smile its nothing old nothing new But I always learn the hard way And it always ends in heartbreak You put me in a hard place Im always in a hard way My heartbreaks with you oh oh oh oh oh I dont cry I dont complain Theres a pattern to this pain Just keep holdin back the change But i always learn the hard way with you.. lets just face it im complacent im just comfortable yes im jaded and its all my fault cuz i kno what you expect so its cool nothin new apologies & promises are empty words same old shhh (same old) cuz yesterday we were on and you were here but now your so gone, gone