作詞 鄔裕康

作曲 Curtis Mckonly



專輯:流星雨 歌曲:你不愛我愛誰 作詞:鄔裕康  作曲:Curtis Mckonly OS:This is song goes out to all the females who's heart been broken I'm only hear to do one thing and that's to bring it back So relex, lay down, close your eyes,spread your heart, Check it out, here we go RAP:From the first when our eyes ever made contact stepped back tried to relax But stead felt a heart attack Could it be that that I see that I'll be standing next to you whenever where ever you'll be at Words maybe strong when it's the first time you hear them Baby know you're scared but never the less try to hear them No false pre-tenses nothing but the real deal Love coming from the man of steel EVERWHERE 都是你的臉 你一笑我被包圍 這份愛到處都有邊線 一跨就被吹犯規 EVERWHERE 我都不會變 越想你越多感覺 你不愛我 我問問你還能愛誰 RAP:Look in my eyes,Baby truth and not lies The questions og what and why Let them die,ciz now's the time to fly So close your eyes and leave the lonely past behind And just let me hold you not scold you,cuz baby I told you That the only thing I want is to grow old with you Look in your heart, cuz I know I've got the parts To feed what you need from the start EVERWHERE 都是你的臉 你一哭我先天黑 再危險我也不怕危險 把笑架在你眼前 EVERWHERE 我都不會變 這顆心沒有上限 你不愛我 我問問你還能愛誰 RAP:Now brace yourself and prepare, for tender loving care No need now to stare, no non other can compare Now for a close up, back that thing up And let this thing caleld love take It's course so we can live it up My futures with you, I can see it ever so clearly Taking it slow, cuz you're the only one for me So here's my heart for you, now and forever more Cuz you're the only one that I adore EVERWHERE 都是你的臉 你一哭我先天黑 再危險我也不怕危險 把愛捧到你身邊 EVERWHERE 我都不會變 這顆心沒有上限 你不愛我 我問問你還能愛誰


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