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    Jimmy (U.K. 2-Track) 專輯封面

    歌名Song 6 [Live In Vienna] 歌手名 Daniel Powter

    作詞 Daniel Powter
    作曲 Daniel Powter


    Now who did you ever want to be you snapshot the girl in Tuscany I didn't know recommend at the time you're acting out of line and I don't need you any more Seeing something new is what I'm hoping for I'm going to lose and go for a ride Seeming that I've got time So let's lie in the sun You didn't want the world to know But I'm not strong and you'll find out And you get the rock 'n' roll ""So"" let's groove in the high You know you better come and get right I don't know the question line But the best comes back tonight If it's cool, and you're cold You hoping in the street to long You taking like a fool better man You taking like a fool in the night And some good, some bad You taking to the power help You taking like a fool better man You taking like a fool you know We would be alright Some time I'm go long and some time I 'm go to be another pole And we'll go to be alright, and I'm what time ... I'm could all, I'm could all