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    Ladies And Gentlemen... The Best Of George Michael 專輯封面

    歌名I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me) 歌手名 George Michael



    Like a warrior that fights and wins the battle I know the taste of victory Though I went through some nights consumed by the shadows I was crippled emotionally Somehow I made it through the heartache, yes, I did Oh, I escaped (aha ha) I found my way out of the darkness I kept my faith (I know you did), kept my faith When the river was deep, I didn't falter When the mountain was high, I still believed When the valley was low, it didn't stop me, no no I knew you were waiting, I knew you were waiting for me Uh huh With an endless desire, I kept on searching Sure in time our eyes would meet And like a bridge that's on fire, the hurt is over One touch and you set me free No, I don't regret a single moment, no, I don't (I know you don't) Looking back When I think…