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    Ladies & Gentlemen... The Best Of George Michael 專輯封面

    歌名You Have Been Loved 歌手名 George Michael

    作詞 George Michael、David Austin、George Michael、David Austin


    She takes the back road and the lane Past the school that has no changed In all this time She thinks of when the boy was young All the battles she had won Just to give him life That man She loved that man For all his life But now we meet to bring him flowers And only God knows why For what's the use in pressing pamls When children fade in mother's arms It's a cruel world We've so much to loose And what we have to learn we rarely choose So if it's God who took her son He cannot be the one living in her mind Take care my love, she said Don't think that God is dead Take care my love, she said You have been loved If I was weak, forgive me But I was terrified You brushed my eyes with angels wings, full of love The kind that makes devils cry So these days My life has changed And I'll be fine But she just sits and counts the hours Searching for her crime So what's the use of pressing palms If you won't keep such love from harm It's a cruel world You've so much to prove And heaven helps the ones who wait for you Well I've no daughters, I've no sons Guess I'm the only one Living in my life Take care my love, he said Don't think that God is dead Take care my love, he said You have been loved