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    Ladies & Gentlemen... The Best Of George Michael 專輯封面

    歌名Somebody To Love 歌手名 George Michael

    作詞 Frederick Mercury
    編曲 George Michael


    each morning I get up I die a little can barely stand on my feet take a look in the mirror and cry Lord, what you're doing to me I have spent all my years in believing you bu I just can't get no relief, Lord! somebody, somebody can anybody find me somebody to love? I work hard every day of my life I work till I ache my bones at the end I take home my hard earned pay all on my own- I get down on my knees and I start to pray till the tears run down from my eyes Lord-somebody-somebody can anybody find me-somebody to love (he works hard) everyday-I try and I try and I try- but everybody wants to put me down, they say I'm goin' crazy they say I got a lot of water in my brain got no common sense I got nobody left to believe yeah-yeah yeah yeah oh Lord somebody-somebody can any body find me somebody to love got no feel, I got no rhythm I just keep losing my beat I'm OK, I'm alright ain't gonna face no defeat I just gotta get out of this prison cell someday I'm gonna be free, Lord! find me somebody to love somebody, somebody can anybody find me somebody to love?