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    The Vault - Old Friends 4 Sale 專輯封面

    歌名Old Friends 4 Sale (LP Version) 歌手名 Prince



    The sun set in my heart this evenin' Cuz an old friend of mine got lost in the jive Little did she know, when U're stuck in the snow Nobody gets out alive Tears fall gently in my garden As I wait in vain 4 my sweet baby 2 call I guess what my own brother told me was true He had been with my sweet baby and she never really loved me at all Night fell so dark this evenin' The moon wasn't shinin' nowhere Sometimes that old light in the alley would light up this old heart of mine But now I'm wonderin' if there's someone up there who really cares The night fell darkest in Persia What used 2 flow blue is now flowin' black Many a doctor can try, but only heaven knows why When it comes 2 love Why do some men, why do some men turn their backs? Can't somebody please tell me? Maybe the morning air will make me feel better Oh, I hope better than I feel right now Last night a stranger took my picture and then he, uh.. He asked if I'd buy it, huh I said I guess I don't know how Old, old friends 4 sale Get'em while the gettin' is hot But U better watch out, they'll kiss U until they get what U got And they'll show U the friends that they're not Old friends 4 sale