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    Only By The Night 專輯封面

    歌名Manhattan 歌手名 Kings Of Leon


    I like to dance all night Summons the day That's how I play Yeah that's how I play I said who are you No matter who you are So we dance all night And dance all day I say I say We're gonna fuel the fire We're gonna stoke it up We're gonna sip this wine And pass the cup Who needs avenues Who needs reservoirs We're gonna show this town How to kiss these stars I say I say I'm on a hunt to kill I'm gonna skin the hide A yelp and scream And away I ride I'll never top this view I'll never fall aground It's all for you For what you found I say I say I say I say It's gonna take your hand It's gonna drive you home It's gonna keep on, keep on, keep on And then forever run