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    Dreamgirls Music from the Motion Picture - Deluxe Edition 專輯封面

    歌名I Meant You No Harm/Jimmy's Rap 歌手名 Dreamgirls



    Announcer: And now the mellow sounds of jimmy early Jimmy Early: I meant you no harm I never meant to make you cry You were the only one I’ve ever loved in my life And though its hard for me to show it I have to let you know it Cuz darling I love you more each day But the words got in my way Oh I meant you no harm And I would die If you ever said goodbye I love you, I love you I meant you no harm I never never meant to make you cry You are the only one I’ll ever love in my life Hold it, hold itm hold it I cant do it, I cant sing no more sad songs One two three hit me Bop be bop, bop be bop be deed bop Bop be bop, bop yeah Bass man, huh, come on up One two three hit me Uh, sound good, yeah Saxophone on the floor, one two three, hit it Yeah, ow, uh, come on Horns hit it, uh, yeah Hey girl lets rock with jimmy early Got a home in the hills, Mercedes benz, hot swimming pool, got lots of friends Got Clothes by the acre, credit to spare, I could wake up tomorrow and find nobody there But Jimmy want more, jimmy want more, jimmy want, jimmy want, jimmy want more Jimmy want a rib, jimmy want a steak, jimmy want a piece of your chocolate cake And more than all that Jimmy want a raise, cuz Jimmy got soul, Jimmy got soul, Jimmy got, Jimmy got, Jimmy got soul Sooner or later The time comes around For a man to be a man to take back his sound I gotta do something to shake things up I like Johnny Mathis but I cant do that stuff Cuz Jimmy got soul, Jimmy got soul, Jimmy got S-O-U-L soul I cant do rock I cant do roll, what I can do baby is show my soul, Cuz Jimmy got, jimmy got, jimmy got SOUL