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    The Collection 專輯封面

    歌名Will You Be There 歌手名 Michael Jackson

    作詞 M. J. Jackson
    作曲 M. J. Jackson


    Hold me Like the river Jordan And I will then say to thee You are my friend Carry me Like you are my brother Love me like a mother Will you be there? Weary Tell me will you hold me? When wrong, will you scold me? When lost, will you find me? But they told me A man should be faithful And walk when not able And fight 'til the end But I'm only human Everyone's taking control of me Seems that the world's Got a role for me I'm so confused Will you show it to me? You'll be there for me And care enough to bare me Hold me (show me) Lay your head lowly (lowly) Softly then boldly (yeah-ah) Carry me there (I'm only human) Lead me (hold me) Love me and feed me (yeah yeah yeah) Kiss me and free me (yeah-ah) I will feel blessed (I'm only human) Carry (carry) Carry me boldly (carry-y me) Lift me up slowly (yeah-ah) Carry me there (I'm only human) Save me (save me) Heal me and bath me (lift me up, lift me up) Softly you say to me I will be there (I will be there) Lift me (don't leave) Lift me up slowly Carry me boldly (yeah-ah) Show me you care (carrrre) Hold me (whoo) Lay your head lowly (get lonely sometime) Softly then boldly (I get lonely, yeah-ah) Carry me there (will you be there) Need me (whoo) Love me and feed me (lift me up, hold me up, lift me up sometime) Kiss me and free me (up sometime) I will feel blessed (yeah-ah) (Spoken) In our darkest hour In my deepest despair Will you still care? Will you be there? In my trials And my tribulations Through our doubts And frustrations In my violence In my turbulence Through my fear And my confessions In my anguish and my pain Through my joy and my sorrow In the promise of another tomorrow I'll never let you part For you're always in my heart


    專輯名 The Collection
    歌手名 Michael Jackson
    發行日 2009-06-22