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    Untitled 專輯封面

    歌名Elsewhere 歌手名 R. Kelly


    Seems like we're done here Looks like that's everything She walks by, one last time, checks for her things and leave the keys behind There will be more tears As she's beginning to drive away Its all clear now, there's no real reason to have the pain Now I know love has kept me here, and my pride has kept me here And hope keeps singing it's alright, I'll be fine But she'll be going elsewhere And she'll be lying else where And she'll be wanted elsewhere And I'll be somewhere thinking about her And she'll be living elsewhere And she'll be laughing elsewhere And shell be happy elsewhere And I'll be just fine without her, someday That's what I keep telling myself Was it the right thing Was this our biggest mistake Still call sometimes but she's got nothing to say, And still she stays away It's got me questioning, if I ever meant the same to her How could she, Why would she Do these things put me through this pain now If love is what we have then how could it have been so bad That she don't think it's not worth a fight, she won't try But she'll be trying elsewhere And she'll be loving elsewhere And she'll keep secrets elsewhere And I'll be somewhere thinking about her And shell be willing elsewhere And shell be giving elsewhere And she'll have feelings elsewhere But hope keeps saying kells you can make it But in the meantime I can't sleep I can't think There's so many things in my head Things she said, things that she meant Things that I started feeling the day that she left Things that I slept on Things that I should have accepted Things I expected and the things I neglected I better get up off my ass Get first flight out, and get her back Or else She'll be living elsewhere And she'll be crying elsewhere And shell be feeling elsewhere And I'll be somewhere thinking about her She'll be smiling elsewhere And she'll be laughing elsewhere Giving all of my sweet love away elsewhere That's the reason why I gotta catch that flight ?I'm out of time?


    專輯名 Untitled
    歌手名 R. Kelly
    發行日 2009-11-30