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    Fearless 專輯封面

    歌名In Love With Another Man 歌手名 Jazmine Sullivan

    作詞 Jazmine Sullivan、Anthony Bell
    作曲 Jazmine Sullivan、Anthony Bell


    If I could... could forget him I would... please believe me And I know that I should... throw the towel in But baby it's not... not that easy You treat me so much better than him And if I was sane... there be no competition But I'm in love with someone else And I'm so sorry (heyy) I'm in love with another man And I know it ain't right You should go and find someone else Who can treat you right Give you the world Someone who understands the man you are Baby you shine so bright And I would just dim your star A girl who'll treat you like you treat them Boy I know there's plenty women Who would love to have a man like you But I'm in love with someone else I'm so sorry baby (heyy) I know I aint right... no no no no no no For what I did to you baby I can't explain why it's him and not you But at the end of the day baby I just don't want to 'Cause he aint no doctor (nah) And we always seem to fight, he got the perfect body And sometimes he don't even treat me right Oh but when I'm with him, but when I'm with him When I'm with him, ain't nobody else like it I'm so sorry baby that I have to do this to you But I can't go on pretending... Cause I love him, I love him And I'm so sorry... do you hear me? I'm so sorry but I love that man I love that man...ohhhh He ain't always right , but he's just right for me (ohhhh ohhhhhhh whoooooooooooo) I'm in love with another man, and I'm so sorry But I love someone else...


    專輯名 Fearless
    發行日 2009-04-06