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    第二天堂 專輯封面

    歌名Endless road 歌手名 林俊傑


    專輯:第二天堂 歌曲:Endless Road 作詞:林俊傑 作曲:林俊傑 the truth is tearing up my heart I can't recognize this place the endless road without a stop sign can't even find a stranger this time why am I still holding back my tears in this loneliness there's nothing to fear every chord still seems a wonder how we could be together every time I ask if this would be the last why am I still talking to myself hoping you will have the keys to my cell every song might calm the weather but it just draws me deeper how do I get out of this I think I never will a crystal forming in the eye maybe this would be the last the winding path down my face till I begin to taste the bitterness inside in this loneliness there's nothing left to fear


    專輯名 第二天堂
    歌手名 林俊傑
    發行日 2004-06-04