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    Original Album Series 專輯封面

    歌名Bad For You 歌手名 Rod Stewart


    專輯:Camouflage (Expanded Edition) 歌曲:Camouflage She came to the party In a leather number wrapped in chains Investigation found She was very fond of dropping names So I signed her book And drove her to her home And she looked so hot Started to come on strong Then she said so candidly As I was gettin' down on my knees I don't really mean to tease But I'm shy shy shy shy shy Camouflage That's nothin' but camouflage He was totally handsome With a winning personality Natural born leader With connections in society But late at night Alone with just his wealth He would stare in the mirror And never see himself He had a cadillac thirty foot long He had a hit with every song Sounded like something's wrong Why why why why why Camouflage It ain't nothin' but camouflage Camouflage Ain't nothing but nothin' but Nothin' but camouflage They were so well suited With an ambience you can't ignore But nobody realized What went on behind closed doors He had many affairs But never felt fulfilled She would hide her sadness In alcohol and pills She bottled everything up inside He was too busy with his best friend's wife They couldn't look each other in the eyes Lies lies lies lies lies Camouflage Just camouflage Everywhere you go it's called camouflage Some people hide behind camouflage C-A-M-O-U-F-L-A-G-E I signed her book drove her to her home But I didn't know what was goin' on He had a cadillac thirty foot long Had hits with every song He had many affairs but never felt fulfilled She was hidin' herself in some little purple pills Why why why why Shy shy shy shy Lies lies lies lies Lies lies lies lies Camouflage camouflage Talkin' 'bout camouflage camouflage bring it down Sometimes I worry about you darlin' You wear too much mascara Too much eyeliner Too much rouge and it worries me Camouflage camouflage Camouflage talkin' 'bout camouflage