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    THE ONLY ONE (首張日文專輯) 專輯封面

    歌名Like A Gunshot 歌手名 王力宏


    Like A Gunshot Lyrics:王力宏 Music:王力宏 Arranger:王力宏/Robert Lay I'm about to go off like a gunshot I wanna make you drip like a sweatshop I'm about to make sounds that you never heard I'm gonna take your locks and break them with the keys in your hand and a microphone in mine Man, it makes me high (It makes me high) Lifts me to the sky (Yeah, yeah...) Love is just a lie (It's just a lie) What made me so high? (What made me so...) I have got, to admit, this homeboy, he won't quit Makin' beats, talkin' shit, spittin' fast, keepin' fit Session file, 24 bit, on the stage, is where I'm lit All my fans, freakin' it, jumpin' round, 'cause they don't sit (They don't sit you all) I'm talkin' bout body surfin', hands wavin' booties jerkin' Some may dabble in the fountain of funk but as for us We're already swimming in it!!!!!