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    THE ONLY ONE (首張日文專輯) 專輯封面

    歌名China White 歌手名 王力宏


    China White Lyrics:王力宏 Music:王力宏 Yeah~China White Listen Yeah~Yeah I got a feeling someone's gonna get hurt Selling your soul for a bag full of purified dirt It's gonna get you your diamond rings to sell to poor streets And it's all over when the fat lady sings You're stupid selling up the neighborhood You've pick the wrong place, brother, for dealing your goods You're going down fool, I promise you that I'll hit you twice, before you can flinch, that's a fact Coz you are a bum, coming into my town I've got no places for you I don't care how many guts you got Coz I got Kung Fu and a badge I'll be wooping your ass Shanghai and LA in a colored big glass China White China White, I'm gonna take you down China White China White, And I'll be messing 'round China White China White, Before my chance is gone China White China White, Come on Come on Coz you've been killing since the day you were born Offering good times bounding so like a whore How many in the single shape you diseased before you rest in peace You took the mother from an innocent child And knew the comers are the body of defiled And now you're showing up my part of town I wanna take you down Take you down China White China White, Nobody's gonna stop me, man China White China White, man, I'm seeing this shit China White China White...