Call Of Da Wild

Call Of Da Wild




Hey Ya!

Hey Ya!

Speakerboxxx/The Love Below



I'll be comin around the ghetto when I come kickin one for the treble Y'all can't stoop to my level, I'm like the devil or whatever I'm pickin up and throwin 'em down like dishes Call me Kenny Anderson cuz I slam those sons of bitches I ain't braggin, folks draggin me up and down the road They'll be fucked up when I gets into my callin' mode Then cut the clown up on they ass like Bozo Oh no, then dance on top of they asses like Jo Jo Dancer Come Comet, come Dasher, come Prancer Come niggas with machine guns, I think that is the answer But the question 'Should we take that bullshit from them people?' I'm makin 300 on my SAT yet I am equal Ain't no sequel, no saga, no way out, I'm nervous I've had it up to fo'head of suckas tryin to serve us To graduate is really becomin a very stressful journey I feel like a steering wheel, for them is tryin to turn me Into a hate monger, and I'm wishin and I wonder Damn, will I graduate before I hit the summer I think not, Officer Friendly tryin to dig up in me He said I'm half assed and got no future And so he sent me up the creek and shit Strokin like hell without no paddle But niggas is gettin smart, we back on the saddle No longer, y'all know y'all had us down for some years It's the call of da wild nigga, uh, there it is Chorus: Cee-Lo I hear voices in my head and they keep callin me (repeat 4X) [T-Mo] As I step up, the stage is empty No words cause I serve with my Southern dialect, so I get respect Don't call me T, it's a T thang with a G swang Let my nuts hang down to the flo' mane Smokin that dang dang, makin mics swang In my 2-8-0 Z, nobody can see me Cruisin down the block, just like I was a squirrel In a world full of nuts, damn I'd probably be mad even if I called him Uncle Sam So bring dough to the Goodie Mo-B T-Mo, Khujo, Cee-Lo, J and my homie Brandon B Don't flex, I'm next, I break necks too Rollin with Outkast, PA, Goodie Mob for the 94 Ha-ha-ha Yeah, you know what I'm sayin? Chorus: [Big Boi] Yeah, I'm steady buckin muthafuckas Not duckin 'em like duck goose, I'm heavily strapped, yeah niggas Squeezin rhymes like that noose around your neck You can't hang with this, see ain't no thangs to this I show no pity so take off because I'm dangerous I breaks 'em off like I was Beat Street, see I be breakin Speakin of breakin, break on out or get your life taken, boy Fuckin around with me will get your cabbage cut, your wig split Simply means I'm bringin the funk with the hollow tips Playa shit is how I'm kickin it Comin around the ghetto, victims soft as a tack on a jackass So fuck it or flip it, I'll still be a playa Puffy afro with nigga naps off in my hair Shit, that's simply how I run my shit and that's how it be That nigga B-I-G B-O-I, that be me, yeek See I'm a playa, got my struggle on Thinkin about the volume and thickness of my bankroll You see the cops is in my shit like colon cancer Even though I never smoke that shit like (right)...yeah I give a call of da wild to my niggas around the projects So don't flex or get served with a pop neck shit OG, original gangsta, not quite But maybe when I'm locked up, liftin weights, gettin swole right Life's a bitch with a G-string cuz these off in your ass with it hey So you can see who can really hang But y'all don't wanna do nothin, y'all can go to hell Ain't no playas in office cuz I'm locked off in a cell So can you feel me, nigga Chorus: [Khujo] Khujo, comin in dope, bring it I got more problems than the average Joe So bro don't come 'round me with your flim flam, hot damn It's a jack, top of the burbs, and my notebook is a bird K's madness into cappin Throw in a few more logs, so my fire lookin through the want ads And only red hot, desire in your pot is somethin wicked But you can't feel it, stick it up your monkey ass I could let shit ride in the past, now it's time to blast that ass Shhh...Mr. Knighton take off your hat Can't even my wear my locs in Demon eye scopin, oh my, peripheral vision got it Made you go no holds barred Decisions, decisions to make, oops, here comes the Goodie Mo crew And they just might want to battle you Out with the quickness The price of livin is beginning to be a risky business Uncaged, Parkay How do you like the taste of hot butter meltin through your biscuits? This is your brain on drugs, this is your brain... Dope cut niggas I hang with before there were apartments In Chappell Forest, it's gettin horrid The hunted child is on the prowl, yahhh!!!!! I let out a call to da wild I let out a call to da wild
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