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    Bear Creek 專輯封面

    歌名Save Part Of Yourself 歌手名 Brandi Carlile



    The sun comes up and five years gone Life goes on ,life goes on I wonder how you're gettin' by The sun goes down and I feel blue Now I toss 'cause my minds on you I kind of miss your broken smile Save part of yourself for me Won't you save part of yourself for me I remember you and me Lost and young dumb and free Unaware of years to come Just a whisper in the dark On the pavement in the park You taught me how to love someone When we walk into the sun Or burn below for what we've done Will you still call out for me Turn to light or fade to black Don't look back, no you don't look back I will always remember you The sun came up and five years gone Life goes on, yes life goes on I hope you caught up with your dreams I hope you saved part of yourself for me


    專輯名 Bear Creek
    歌手名 Brandi Carlile
    發行日 2012-06-22