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    歌名Shanghaid In Tokyo 歌手名 Michael Learns To Rock


    First time I laid eyes on you I came to understand What makes a tiny boy A full grown man First time I saw the sun go down I started to believe There's more between the stars Than we can see It went wrong I search on To find love And when I fall I'll climb the walls and fly Shanghaid in Tokyo Surfing downtown Kokomo The whole world is spinning as I'm passing thru Hard rocking in Rio Hitchhiking down Borneo Anywhere I go will take me back to you So I'll keep on travelling To ease a restless soul From the shores of Shangri La To the south pole I'll sail on the seven seas I'll trip to outer space I'll cross any dirty road To see your face Love is strong I search on To find you And when I fall I'll climb the walls and fly Love is here And love is there From heaven to the ground It's in the sun It's in the rain It's growing all around