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    Knock Out (葛屁) 專輯封面

    歌名Hey DJ 歌手名 Miss Ko



    Yo I’m feelin’ real fly like Jordan So fly, real high I’m soarin’ Skyrise, everything’s so gorgeous Oooweee, what a beautiful mornin’ Top down, ‘bout to cruise on by Westside highway, two-door ride Not carin’, system blarin’ Old lady at the red light be starin’ [ha] Stay livin’ it up, boy I’m from NY city, w’sup So grown, not givin’ a f*ck Haters gonna hate, still givin’ them love, and it’s all good Stay doin’ my thing in all hoods I’m everywhere like Starbucks, Miss Ko-rporate But you’ll never find me chillin’ in the office Flow August, hot like caution Stay busy, I’m on my boss sh*t Yea boy, I talk that talk, walk that walk, and do it as often Just actin’ grown Doin’ big things all across the globe Jetset on a red-eye flight Finnah touch down for a crazy night Hey DJ, put this on (2x) This my song, this my song Hey, hey, this my song Put it on all night long Hey DJ, yea put this on (2x) Hey, hey put this on Hey, hey put this on All night long, this my song So we rollin’ next spot we goin’ Party hard like stars ‘til mornin’ Sunrise, while the lights be glowin’ So I rock my shades real potent Black on black, old school swag Do everything with my own two hands You know we get it, get it Stay so miss independent All day, you can spot me always I be loungin’ back with my homies On time, they be lovin’ me longtime So old school, rockin’ them carmines Crazy, yes, feelin’ fly Always fresh and lovin’ life Hip-hop these jams all day Shout out to the damn DJ, like


    專輯名 Knock Out (葛屁)
    歌手名 Miss Ko
    發行日 2012-08-15