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    Long Way Down (Deluxe) 專輯封面

    歌名I know 歌手名 Tom Odell


    Cold house, white light Yellow lamps and black in the skies Full holes in deep brown eyes I sing you a song that I think you'll like And we walk to places we always go A million faces, I don't know I say the words I always hope that your heart is racing (Even though) [Chorus x2:] I know what you told me I know it's all over and I know I can't keep calling Every time I run (yeah) I keep on falling (on you) (Oh)The way I stand (Oh)The way I sway The way your hair coats in the rain The little lines that written on your face On the winter nights when you come and stay The way you hit me when you wanna fight The way I'm young, the way I cry The way I love rose with the ties But we know it won't make up every time [Chorus x2] [Bridge:] Oh you bring me all the things I need I follow the rain to the rolling sea I love you baby all the things I lay [Chorus]