Ain't That Peculiar

Ain't That Peculiar

Marvin Gaye



Honey, you do me wrong but still I'm crazy about you Stay away too long and I can't do without you Every chance you get, you seem to hurt me more and more But each hurt makes my love stronger than before I know flowers grow through rain But how can love grow through pain Ain't that peculiar A peculiarity Ain't that peculiar, baby Peculiar as can be, oh You tell me lies that should be obvious to me But I'm so much in love with you baby 'til I don't want to see But that things you do and say are designed to make me blue It's a dog gone shame my love for you makes all your lies seem true But if the truth makes love last longer Why do lies make my love stronger Ain't that peculiar, baby Peculiar as can be Ain't that peculiar A peculiarity, yeah yeah I cried so much just like a child that's lost his toy Maybe baby, you think these tears I cry are tears of joy A child can cry so much until you do everything they say But unlike a child, my tears don't help me to get my way I know love can last through years But how can love last through tears Ain't that peculiar, baby Peculiar as can be Ain't that peculiar, honey Peculiar as can be Said, 'I don't understand it, baby' It's so strange sometimes Ain't that peculiar, darlin' Oh



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