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    Dreamchaser 專輯封面

    歌名Glosoli 亮熱的太陽 歌手名 Sarah Brightman


    There is a room It floats above the stars This is my home It's filled with twisted light Our prayers will speak soon But not without words Where I had lost you But now I've found you With only one word I reach you Glowing sun And here you are and here you are Now I have found you It's time to say goodnight How could I reach you When you had passed me by I said the last word Only this one word It couldn't save you from the long night With all the brave hearts in opal sky Glowing sunday And in your shadows the frightened eyes And here you are Glosoli


    專輯名 Dreamchaser
    歌手名 Sarah Brightman
    發行日 2013-06-14