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    Hotel California 專輯封面

    歌名Victim Of Love 歌手名 Eagles


    "Victim Of Love" What kind of love have you got? You should be home, but you're not A room full of noise and dangerous boys still makes you thirsty and hot I heard about you and that man There's just one thing I don't understand You say he's a liar and he put out your fire How come you still got his gun in your hand? Victim of love , I see a broken heart You got your stories to tell Victim of love, it's such an easy part and you know how to play it so well Some people never come clean I think you know what I mean You're walkin' the wire, pain and desire Looking for love in between Tell me your secrets, I'll tell you mine This ain't no time to be cool And tell all your girlfriends, you "been around the world" friends that talk is for losers and fools Victim of love, I see a broken heart I could be wrong, but I'm no Victim of love, we're not so far apart Show me, what kind of love have you got? Victim of love, you're just a victim of love I could be wrong , but I'm not Victim of love, now you're a victim of love What kind of love have you got? What kind of love have you got? What kind of love have you got?


    專輯名 Hotel California
    歌手名 Eagles
    發行日 2006-04-03