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    The Best Of Me/ Live At The Budokan (Deluxe Sound & Vision) 專輯封面

    歌名Back To You 歌手名 Bryan Adams


    I've been down - I've been beat I've been so tired that I could not speak I've been so lost that I could not see I wanted things that were out of reach Then I found you and you helped me through And you showed me what to do That's why I'm coming back to you... CHORUS: Like a star that guides a ship across the ocean That's how your love can take me home back to you And if I wish upon that star Someday I'll be where you are And I know that day is coming soon Yeah I'm coming back to you You've been alone but ya did not show it You've been in pain when I did not know it You let me do what I needed to - you were ther when I needed you Mighta let you down - mighta messed you round But you never changed your point of view That's why I'm coming back to you... CHORUS