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    The Best Of Me/ Live At The Budokan (Deluxe Sound & Vision) 專輯封面

    歌名Blues Jam (If You Wanna Be Bad Ya Gotta Be Good / Let's Make A Night To Remember) 歌手名 Bryan Adams


    She got a nasty reputation and a talent for sin She's the kinda trouble I'd like to be in I wanna be a lover - I wanna be a slave But she's the kinda women makes me wanna misbehave So give it what you want boy - let's make it understood That if ya wanna be bad ya gotta be good She says there'll be no lying - no foolin' around No seven day weekends - No nights on the town Well that's the way I wast it - That's the way it's gotta be If you're looking for trouble better get it from me So get on your knees boy and do what you should If ya wanna be bad ya gotta be good