All My Love

All My Love

Mary J. Blige



uh hu yea oh oooh uh aww yea babe... Can we just talk about the love and all the things we do You rub my back and boy you know I'll do the same for you You treat me good I'll treat you good And things will be alright Come over here my sugar dumpling 'cause it's on tonight... Don't you worry 'bout a thing ('bout a thing) Becasue you ave me this ring (you gave me thins ring yeah) I won't ever let you down (said i won't let you down) 'Cause my love is your fate So please hurry don't wait... [Chorus] I'm gonna give you (All of my love) I'm gonna give you (All of my love) I'm gonna give you (All of my love) I'm gonna give you (All of my love)... Boy don't you know that deep inside you are so beautiful (Beautiful) You're made for me so never ever, ever let me go (oh no) I never knew someone could set my soul and body free No time to wait so sugar won't you give you love to me... And as far as I can see (Far as i can see baby) You're the only one for me (You're the only one for me) And you're everything I need (You're everything I need) 'Cause your heart's cared for me (heart yeah) And I don't wanna be free... [Repeat Chorus 2x] It feels so good to find love, sweet love (Yes it does) I'll try not to neglect it (I'll try not) Always cherish every second (Always love you baby) When ever I need you, you're always right there (Always right there) I call you my best friend (I call you my best) Hope this love will never end [Repeat Chorus 2x] (I'm gonna) Give you love Baby I'm gonna give you love (Baby I'm gonna) Give you love All my love to you... [Repeat until song fades]



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