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    Kingdom Come (Digital Version - Edited) 專輯封面

    歌名Oh My God 歌手名 JAY-Z



    Pops sped off Left Mom with a bundle of Joy ya boy Smack dab in the jungle Took tunnel vision But he would soon become a mogul But first he brought that crack back like a yo-yo Don't play with my yo-yo Loco niggas in the hood First niggas hating on me It's all good I'm buying things like my sh*t don't stink Gucci links and Gucci gooses Watching too many movies Bulletproof this Had some nerve Like pulling tooths When you sixteen, coming through roofless Yeah ya boy ruthless Like Ice Cube was Turn the whole city on I'm the new plug So if this is your first time hearing this You are about to experience someone so cold A journey seldom seen The American dream From the bottom to the top of the globe They call me HOV They gunning for me Wanna see me fall You know my story I been through it all Nights I felt like dying But I ain't crying What didn't kill me Made me strong as iron I am I am Oh my God, HOV Now I'm knee-deep in the concrete Like the streets made of quicksand beyond deep I got a chemical romance, two left feet So now I dance with the devil, please GOD Save me from the black parade, release me My life like Grand Theft Auto PSP I'm in the Volvo puffing on the la la Ducking from the po-po Every time I drive by Say hi to the bad guy All my momma friends is like hmm hmm hmm Would you just look at him So sorry dear momma for your embarrassment Give me a couple years I pray I never sin again Got all these rival dealers trying to do me in And all these little rappers don't know how prepared for them I am. I am. I'm feeling like the world's against me Lord Call me crazy but strangely I love the odds Now these baby ballers toy rappers Calling out my name to bring the boy backwards Shooting air balls at the basket What you call money I paid more in taxes I got crowned King down in Africa Down in Nigeria do you have any idea Sold out shows in Seoul Korea Jo-berg, Dublin, Tanzania Lunch with Mandela, dinner with Cavalli Still got time to give water out to everybody Everybody fall back Y'all rapping I'm reenacting CNN you see it's accurate ESPN see me in action Monday nights when the half ends When you ten years in holla back then