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    Blackout! (Explicit Version) 專輯封面

    歌名Da Rockwilder 歌手名 Method Man & Redman


    Oh my god...Oh my god !!!! ah ah ah aowww!!! [Verse One: Method Man] Microphone checker, swinging sword lecture closing down the sector supreme neck protector Better warn 'em kid Mr. Method boiling pot about to blow his lid from the pressure, too hot for TV for cheesy, Too many wanna be hard be easy, it's all in together going all out together it don't take much to please me Still homes I'm never satisfied like the Stones we don't condone biting see them selling crossbones protecting what am writing don't clash with the Titan who blast with a licence to kill rap reciting C'mon, in the zone with ya nigga from the Group Home TICAL!!(Fuck your lifestyle!!) [Blew wind]...put your lights out got the shit the cracking got you fiendin with your pipes out time for some action, surfing the avenue mad at you, where I used to battle crews back when Antoinette had that attitude Cover me I'm going in, walls closing in got us busting off these pistols my niggas got issues...again, same song armed with the mega bomb Blow you out the frame and I'm gone. [Verse Two: Redman] I was gone too but we roam , cellular phones Doc-Meth back in the flesh, blood and bones don't condone Spent bank loans and homegrown suckers break like Turbo and Ozone, when I, grab the broom moon-walk platoon hawk my goons bark leave you in a blue lagoon lost (true) three nines and a glove with mad soul D-Die in the car right behind on the bus Haters don't touch, weigh us both up now my neighbor doped up got the cable hooked up. All channels lift my shirt all Mammal you ship off keys and we ship Grand Pianos. sawed off shotgun hand on the pump, sipping on a forty smoking on a blunt bust my gun and Red and Meth didn't jump La la la la, la la la la yeah c'mon, Red and Meth didn't jump La la la la, la la la la