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    The Globe Sessions 專輯封面

    歌名Riverwide 歌手名 Sheryl Crow



    I spent a year in the mouth of a whale With a flame and a book of signs You'll never know how hard I've failed Trying to make up for lost time Once I believed in things unseen I was blinded by the dark Out of the multitude to me He came and broke my heart When the dust in the field has flown And the youngest of hearts has grown And you doubt you will ever be free honey Don't bail on me River is wide and oh so deep And it winds and winds around I dream we're happy in my sleep Floating down and down and down And the tide rushes by where we stand And the earth underneath turns to sand And we're waiting for someone to see honey Don't bail on me Tell ma I loved the man Even though I turned and ran Lovely and fine I could have been Laying down in the palm of his hand Laying down in the palm of his hand Laying down in the palm of his hand Staying down in the palm of his hand In the morning you wait for the sun And secretly hope it won't come But time washes everyone clean Honey now don't bail on me Don't bail on me no don't bail on me


    專輯名 The Globe Sessions
    歌手名 Sheryl Crow
    發行日 1999-08-18