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    Mail On Sunday 專輯封面

    歌名Don't Know How To Act 歌手名 Flo Rida



    Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce I'm in the club Kush got it burning up I'm poppin' bottles and I'm fucking up their furniture I'm in the club, DJ gon' turn it up Got a flock of models and we fucking up their furniture All my niggaz gettin money Don't know how to act Dirty goons and we stuntin Don't know how to act Got a whole lotta O Don't know how to act Yeah my pockets on swoll Don't know how to act Hey, wipin' my pumps, poppin' that Dom, pardon melange show stoppin', no flockin', I'm about to perform Wife beater on, VIP, like the eye of the storm I'm project, I'm ghetto, hood, better ring the alarm Cold flu, cause I just blew 30 off cash Blue with my swag, that's that Gucci duffle bag Goops coming through I got sparklers on the mag Flo Rida act a fool, have a furniture attack Well cause I'm young gettin' money, homeboy in Phantoms and Lac's I'm in the club with my King Johnny's them diamonds is black Shorty she lovin' my tattoos ingrained on my back Muggin' and thuggin' the trap crew we step like Da Brat Married the rubberbands, hustlin', hustlin' Got a squad gutter man, so we musclin', musclin' Security guard, touch the clan, then we, tusslin', tusslin' Tear apart, hit the fan, now they runnin' and duckin' Hey, 20 bottles or better I'm comin' in the club and I'm standin' on ya on the tootise leather I gotta be fly, Kid Rock-in that derby with the feather That good in the sky, got the kush from Cali control the weather So hood, so hot, so what? Security wanna ban my record Some fools on this ?? open up on the Oprah Winfrey show is no pressure My crew full of dubs and we stunt like dollaz come with propellars Everybody gotta grub in my pockets, gettin' paper is pleasure Homie don't you f'n with heffers that square me up like checkers And I might undress her all just because my diamonds caress her Meet uncle fester, ballin', my shawties they hot as peppers Don't know how to act I got stack full of mice looking for cheddar Down for whatever, hey! I'm a donut nigga like glazed On a couch like this my stage Get money, don't get a nigga paid in Dade... They probably see minimum wage My deal is Ace of Spades, but I still like grape Kool-aid I ain't really got minutes, I party just like hooray!


    專輯名 Mail On Sunday
    歌手名 Flo Rida
    發行日 2008-03-17