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    Radio 專輯封面

    歌名Radio 歌手名 Flo Rida


    I Dont Want No Cake On My Birthday, I Want My Cake Errday [x4] I Gone Be Honest Tomorrow Aint Promised Thats Why I Say This Here Today Then You Gone Like Rentin A Car From Avis Hurts But Its The Truth You ?? Out That Mercedes Thats Why I Be On Point, Im Never Procastinatin You Better Be Dodgin Saten, That ??? Be Hatin Want His Cake And Eat It Too Then Do You Greasy Like Bacon Everyday Money Chasin Im So In Love With The Fragrence So What Im A Little Impatient [?] Got No Patience Im Actin Like Im Racin Before I Become A Rasin Strippers Hotter Then Cajan My ?? Be In Rotation The Daily Birthday Occasion Im Rarely Off Of Vacation Im Rarely Out Of The Nation And Nelly Dollars ?? I Dont Want No Cake On My Birthday, I Want My Cake Errday [x4] I Aint Talkin Next Year I Aint Taklin In A Month I Aint Talkin In A Week Every Day I Wanna Stunt Every Day I Want Sum Candels Every Day A Hundred Bones Every Day I Pull Up In Lambos, Filet Mion For Lunch What My Birthday You Got My Birthday When My Birthday You Better Say My Birthday I Get Emotional Thats What C Notes Will Do Them Penny Lofer Shoes Help Me Cop A Bently Coupe Now My String Of Wemen Hotter Than Campbells Soup Boy That Cake Will Make Them Peps Turn To Animals Im King Kong And Its Your Trainin Day Denzel With The Ice And Im Pushin Weight I Aint Tryin [?] Em All I Aint Tryin ??? But Biggie Got A Wife She Aint With Him Not A Day Aint No Body Here To Stay You Can Try And Get Away Ill [?] Prey My Advice Still The Same I Dont Want No Cake On My Birthday, I Want My Cake Errday [x4]


    專輯名 Radio
    歌手名 Flo Rida
    發行日 2007-12-04